Sales and ROI both are very important ingredients for any business.

In every field of life, astrology is invaluable, from the identification of the earthquakes to the business management. A calendar with the basic cycles of the sun, moon, stars, and planets have been designed. The calendar has twelve months according to the cycle of the Sun.

Moon is the key planet to understand the insight of customer’s mind.

Do not let planetary movements destroy your business

The first and the most important thing that you should consider about astrology is the impact of the planets. Remember that if the planet starts to move backward it is called the retrograde stage. This is the time that you should be very careful because your one false step can damage everything. It is the time when most of the organizations take some bad decisions that make their customers move towards their rivals. Not every time but many times retrograde movement can be very dangerous regarding the sales of your products, so need to be very cautious during that period. Jupiter, Saturn, Mars and Venus all four planets have their good and bad impact on business when they transit retrograde says Astro-strategist and Business Astrologer Hirav Shah.

The moon will always be important

Moon will always have to determine the time of your success and rest. It is important that you pay attention towards the phases of the moon. Develop your marketing strategies, meetings with clients and customers and sales according to the moon. Moon is the fastest moving planet, as it takes only 2 and half days to move from one sign to another sign. You have to finalize the big deals and make most of the sales when the moon allows you. As the moon enters a new phase quickly and helps you to determine everything regarding your sales.

Relations with your customers

To increase the sales you have to build a strong relationship with your customers. Remember that a loyal customer will always bring more prospects.

  • Business to Consumer (B to C) is the key for sales and revenue both. Mercury, Moon, Jupiter and Venus play an important role to build relations with your customers. All 4 planets Movements, Combinations, Transits, Nakshatra etc can help to build revenue and sales too.


Understand the astrological cycles

Auspicious and Bad dates should consider while making sales strategies. Most of the times it helps to convert your first or followups meetings into sales. That’s how you can improve Return on investment also.

Bottom line

Above explained four ways, Astrology science can help to increase the sales and revenue of the business organization by taking all the decisions at the right time with the right people says Astro-Strategist and Business Astrologer Hirav Shah.