Decision-making can be regarded as the cognitive process resulting in the selection of a belief or a course of action among several alternative possibilities. Every decision-making process produces a final choice that may or may not prompt action. Decision-making is the study of identifying and choosing alternatives based on the values and preferences of the decision maker. Decision-making is one of the central activities of management and is a huge part of any process of implementation.

We make decisions every day; everything we say and do is the result of a decision, whether we make it consciously or not. For every choice, big or small, there’s no easy formula for making the right decision. The best you can do is to approach it from as many perspectives as possible and then choose a course of action that seems reasonable and balanced at that time.

Generally, the best way to make a decision that can’t be sorted out logically is to weigh the risk vs. the gain. If the risk associated with a particular option is great and the outcomes are only minor positives, then that option should probably be avoided in favor of a better one in Business. How much risk goes with how much gain, however, depends on your personal preferences.

Moon plays very important role to take any decisions. Moon is the fastest moving planet and it takes 2 and half days to move from one sign to another sign. So overall Moon takes 30 days to transit through 12 Zodiac Signs. Moon can direct you or some times force you to take wrong decision says AstroStrategist and Business Astrologer Hirav Shah.

Make always backup plan in preparation for any negative or unplanned outcome in Business. Think ahead. The best decision makers aren’t people who never make mistakes; they’re people who hope for the best and prepare for the worst says Hirav Shah

Try to keep one advisor with you , with whom you can share and discuss and also who can give neutral opinion for selecting or executing proper decision at right time in your business.

In conclusion Its very imp for any existing or New – Hotel, Restaurant, Franchisee, Gas Station, Trading, Import-Export, Manufacturing, Retail, Stock Market, Construction, Consultancy …etc Businesses to make right decision at right time.