Using Astrology as a seducer for diners

The principles of astrology indicate to us that each zodiacal sign has a different energy, therefore, each energy must have different reactions as to its physiological fuels, we speak of food. According to Astro-Strategist each sign has preferences for a type of food, or preference when it comes to cooking, about their dressings and other aspects of tasting, so, this can be very important when it comes to wanting to charm someone with a plate of food.

From wanting to in love the partner to want to live with you all your life, to want to specifically seduce the customers of your restaurant, knowing what flavor adores each zodiac sign can give us great help, although, of course, all this must be accompanied by a good cook, or at least a good meal.

As per Astro-Strategist and Business Astrologer Hirav Shah,  the connections between the food with each zodiac sign, can help restaurant business to design menus for different occasions or can create Zodiac Festivals in restaurant, is going to be a great help for what you need, or just to treat yourself.

Aries: People who are under the influence of this proactive sign, like hot and spicy food, so adding a little pepper to your meals will not be a bad idea as long as there is not too much. These opt for foods with many calories.

Taurus: This sign is one of the most tasting food gives and also, have a great appetite. They like to feel relaxed and comfortable at the table when it comes to eating, and they love sweets. Although, they love all kinds of food.

Gemini: Gemini are very changeable, and in turn, very communicative, so, they like to feel accompanied at the table, in fact, appreciate even more the person with whom they speak, than the same food. They like homemade food and are not lovers of gastronomic luxury.

Cancer: This sign likes the classic and traditional, does not like experiments much. They love the most common foods, such as fries, fried chicken and more.

Leo: This sign likes the sumptuous, that is, it loves expensive food, the one made with the highest quality ingredients. They must eat with a good drink, and they love a good gourmet dish.


Virgo: This sign is the most critical and taster when it comes to savoring the food. They are gastronomic critics by nature, since they have a very sensitive palate and a metabolism. They love sauces, salads and baked food.

Libra: This sign is a lover of wine and food of small portions. They love chocolate and sweets after a good feast.

Scorpio: These people enjoy more food with strong and intense flavors and are not fussy with food or place.

Sagittarius: These people love exotic food, they like to try new things often.

Capricorn: They are lovers of salty food and are the most complicated in this aspect, since, they have no regrets in retiring from a restaurant if what they ordered did not like it.

Aquarius: This sign likes to eat all the dishes (soup, main course, salad, dessert, and wine).

Pisces: This is based on your mood to enjoy the food, because if you are happy you will enjoy any meal. He likes chocolate, pasta, biscuits and chips. They are ideal for a traditional romantic date, with a violin melody in the background and candles on the table.