Examples- how AstroStrategist help clients

Improved market credibility

The renowned gem company was under huge financial crises. And was on the verge of closing down. Market credibility was at stake even after serving 3 decades. Company Restructuring, ReBranding, Financial Restructuring, Definitive share holding pattern, was given to the company. Achieved market credibility and revenue growth within five months

Synchronizing market approach with strategy

One of the fastest growing apperal brand, also owned by one of the highest paid actor, due to of financial pressure and liabilities was unable to function to its best. Due to of bad situation, company started process to shut all his businesses from market. The share holding pattern was altered. Re-branding and restructuring was done. De-merger and relisting on stock market were done. Now company on huge success. Achieved in 6 months. 

Alerted from adopting the wrong strategy

A leading IT public listed company wanted to achieve a place as a new player in the highly competitive cellular segment. Their research suggested huge profit in the period of 5-6 years. But while doing Astro analysis, it was not showing great success. It was only showing the rise of a stock price on launching date and that’s the profit of the company. And till today they are not able to make suggested profits. So now there are not keen on that mobile division. Only Astro plan rejected the over demanding objective after analysis.

Explore new product lines

A leading energy brand privately owned by large equity funds, was having a brand crisis in the market. The Astro rational plan suggested of re-branding and makeover of certain product lines. Six months high earnings results surprised the board members.

Strategic planning before stock entry

A well known social media company was in a dilemma over entry into the stock market. The Astro rational guideline worked for them with astounding results. They never experienced Astro guidelines in their strategic planning. Now all major decisions are being discussed with Hirav Shah.

Creation of own brand

A famous spices national brand was marketed other products. The Astro rational guideline compelled organization to sell the own brand with in-house packaging. Third party dependencies lowered down over a period of 6 -10 months. Revenue boosted sixfold.

New product lines introduced

The satellite television company having over many channels, was facing a contract problem. The Astro rational plan added a divergent thought of having a newspaper and spiritual channel. Obviously undigested, but supported by board members. Now the company is undergoing smoother operations with additional business units.

Explore methodology – right service to right client

The financial institution was facing revenue problem. The Astro rational plan was drafted after monitoring bank operations for four weeks. Nonperforming assets and unconnected clients were settled with due respect. After 20 week’s bank started experiencing positive mood in the balance sheet.

Maximize the own brand value

A famous shoe eCommerce company started their own brand after marketing others. Astro strategy suggested to abate the extravagant expenditure allocated to marketing, import -export and concentrate on basic work.


GROW as a way of achieving goals and solving problems



Your Goal is the end point, where you want to be. The goal has to be defined in such a way that it is very clear to you when you have achieved it.


The Current Reality is where are you now? What are the issues, the challenges, how far are they away from their goal?



There are Obstacles stopping you from reaching your goal Once Obstacles have been identified, Hirav finds options of dealing with them if you are ready to progress.


The Options then are converted into action steps which will take you to your goal. These are the Way Forward.

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